Are you struggling to serve the educational needs of your unique child? Do you find it difficult to handle the stress of imparting skills? Do you wish you had the courage to make decisions which you instinctively know are better for you and your child? Have you ever wondered what your homeschool would look like if you could focus more on imparting wisdom and strengthening your relationship with your child instead of getting stuck in the daily grind?

Here is a Homeschool Support Meeting where we discuss all of these and more. This is the Part 1 of the meeting where we discuss ‘The Big Picture’ of Home Education. This talk outlines the two main goals of Home Education.

  1. Imparting Wisdom
  2. Teaching Skills

Almost everything we teach in our homes falls under one of the above categories. In the talk I give examples of each and also talk about which should take precedence. All of these teachings depend on our relationship with our children. The more difficult the lessons, the stronger the relationship needs to be.

I have created a helpful PDF printable to remind myself of the ‘The Big Picture’. I display this printout on our homeschool room wall. It helps me pick my battles and model patience and wisdom on some of the most challenging days. Feel free to download this free printable from the link below. I hope this helps you make tough decisions and set your priorities with clarity and confidence. I hope it shapes your homeschool and makes it a place where ‘WISDOM’ is imparted with love while strengthening the parent-child ‘RELATIONSHIP’.

Click below to download the free printable reminder:


Watch the ‘Live’ Homeschool Meeting below. If you find this beneficial, do let us know by leaving a comment or share with other who may benefit.


Noor is an Electronics Engineer turned Homeschool Mom of two boys. She is enjoying every moment of her role as a stay-at-home mother/home educator for the past 6 years. She argues that her children are teaching her far more than her years of education and work experience ever did. Having had a successful career in Information Technology, she abandoned it to pursue her children’s education. She loves to learn and apply the best of different educational philosophies/methodologies. Charlotte Mason, Maria Montessori, and John Holt have greatly influenced her homeschooling style. She firmly believes in simplifying education and following the child. More of this can be found on her blog

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