American History

Islamic American Heritage by Sr. Mahnaz Pater-Rov, M. Ed., her other books

Islamic American Heritage: The Civil War and Centennial America

Islamic American Heritage: Prominent Slaves and Our Founding Fathers

U.S. History Through Children’s Literature : From Colonial Period to World War II

U.S. History Through Children’s Literature : Post World War II

Magic Tree House Lesson Plans

Guest Hollow American History Year 1 (Living Book-based curriculum)

Guest Hollow American History Year 2 (Living Book-based curriculum)

Guest Hollow Awesome History Timeline Schedule

Guest Hollow History Shelf



Civil Rights

Pragmatic Mom’s list

Best Children’s Books’ list

What Do We Do All Day’s list of picture books

Social Justice Books’ list


Japanese History

Jingu The Hidden Princess

Mieko and the Fifth Treasure

An Illustrated History of Japan

World History/Ancient History

Story of the World (4 Volume series)

Guest Hollow Ancient History (Living Book-based Curriculum)

Rulers of Ancient Rome by Don Nardo

Islamic History

History of the Khulafaa`

A Journey Through Islamic History

1001 Inventions : The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Civilization

Fall of Constantinople

Transcripts and videos of Sh Yasir Qadhi’s Seerah lecture series

Qalam Seerah Podcast Series by Sh Abdul Nasir Jangda and transcribed notes

When the Moon Split

The Sealed Nectar

Islamic American Heritage


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Khan Academy
Brain Pop

Owl & Mouse

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Ancient Greece

Rise of Macedon (Baz Battles videos – narration/animation)

Days of Our Lives Ancient Greece Resource Compilation