How to Choose a Science Curriculum

Choosing a Homeschool Science Curriculum 

Four Steps for Choosing Your Science Curriculum (podcast Ep. 5)

Homeschool Moms Share: Favorite Science Curriculum 

Homeschool Science Curriculum – What Options Are Available? 

Don’t Buy Homeschool Science Curriculum Without Answering These 3 Questions! 


Curriculum/Book/Kit Review

Cathy Duffy Review 

Science4Us Review

Elemental Science Review (Youtube_ 

Real Science Odyssey Review (scroll down)

Noeo Science Review (scroll down)

Supercharged Science Review (scroll down)

Learn & Do Unit Studies Review (scroll down)

TopScience Review (scroll down)

GEMS Review (scroll down)

Real Science 4 Kids Review (scroll down)

Archimedes and the Door of Science Review

Mystery Science Review 




McGraw Hill Science Textbooks

Principles of Alchemy

Life of Fred Chemistry

Life of Fred PreAlgebra 0 With Physics 

Life of Fred PreAlgebra 1 With Biology

Science Fusion 

Mystery Science


Real Science 4 Kids 


Elemental Science 


Real Science Odyssey

Noeo Science 

Our Journey Westward


The Science Circle 

The Lab Bench

Supercharged Science 

Learn & Do Unit Studies 


Guest Hollow High School Chemistry (Living Book-based curriculum)

Guest Hollow Conceptual Physics(Math-free) (Living Book-based curriculum)

Guest Hollow Biology (Living Book-based curriculum)

Guest Hollow Botany (Living Book-based curriculum)

Guest Hollow Little Otter’s Anatomy (Preschoolers – 2nd Grade) (Living Book-based curriculum)

Guest Hollow Jr. Anatomy (Living Book-based curriculum)

Guest Hollow High School Anatomy (Living Book-based curriculum)

Guest Hollow Knowledge of Nature (Living Book-based curriculum)

Guest Hollow The Science of Seasons (Living Book-based curriculum)

Guest Hollow Otter’s Physical Science (7th Grade) (Living Book-based curriculum)

Fascinating Education (has Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Medicine)

7 Subject Science Portfolio – Minecraft & the Real World (ages 10-17)

Next Level Homeschool


Science Kits

Home Science Tools : Science Kits for Kids

Home Science Tools: Miscroscopes

Electronics Snap Circuits


Magnetic Building Blocks

 Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope 

KidzLabs Kitchen Science Kit 


Living Books

(What are Living Books???)


The Joy of Chemistry

Archimedes and the Door of Science

Charlotte Mason Living Science Books List

10 Living Books to Teach Science



Online Videos/Resources

NatureGlo Science (interactive online classes)

Brain Pop
Khan Academy

Thunderbolt Kids


Neuroscience for Kids

Jetstream: An Online School for Weather

NOVA Science Now

The Accidental Scientist


Cool Classroom

Adventures of Cyberbees

National Geographic

Discovery Education

Sheppard Software

Teach With Movies

Flower Dissection

National Geographics Kids Website 

PBS Kids

OLogy – American Museum of Natural History 

Scholastic Games 

All Things Animal TV (Youtube)

FreeSchool (Youtube) 

Sci Show Kids (Youtube) 

Crash Course Kids (Youtube) 

Periodic Videos (Youtube)

Kurzgesagt In a Nutshell (Youtube)


Life Science

Cells Alive!

Homeschool Diner’s Guide to High School Biology

The Biology Place (Pearson)

Serendip Studio

The Biology Corner

Vision Learning Biology

BBC Human Body

What Bird

Home Science Tools: Biology 

Home Science Tools: Life Science Projects 

Handbook of Nature Study 





Vision Learning Chemistry

Middle School Chemistry

Mr. Kent’s Chemistry (High School)

Chemistry and Our Universe: How it All Works Great Course Video Series 

Chemistry 2nd Edition Great Courses Video Series 

Home Science Tools: Chemistry

Home Science Tools: Chemistry Projects 



Vision Learning Physics

Amusement Park Physics

Online Learning Fun With Physics

Physics in Your Life Great Courses Video Series

Physics and Our Universe: How it All Works Great Courses Video Series 

Thermodynamics: Four Laws that Move the Universe Great Courses Video Series 

Mysteries of Modern Physics: Time Great Courses Video Series 

Physics of History Great Courses Video Series 

Home Science Tools: Physics and Engineering for Kids

Home Science Tools: Physics and Engineering Projects 



Earth Science

Home Science Tools: Earth Science 

Home Science Tools: Earth and Space Projects