Seller Agreement

Updated: 7/29/2019

Please read the seller agreement below. 


All seller will need to complete their profile after account approval, especially the ‘Biographical Info’ section which is where you will provide information on how to buy your used items. This information will appear below each of your posts. Information will be provided on how to access and update this section.


Your used items will be posted using the ‘Posts’ section. Each used item listing will have to be in its own post, i.e. two items cannot be combined in one post.

Featured Image: Every post is required to have a featured/main image, uploaded via the ‘featured image’ section of the post. All ‘featured images’ are preferred to have a white background, but not required.

Images: Additional images, other than the featured image, can be added in the post, medium in size. These additional images are not required to have a white background, however a white background is preferred.

Categories: You can only post under the relevant category for your items. You may post an item in up to a maximum of one category, not including the ‘Location’ category.

Available categories: You may post your used item in one of the following categories under ‘Used’:

    Fairly New
    Used – Good Condition
    Used – Acceptable Condition

Location category: Choose a location in the “Location” category where your listed item can be picked up.

Tags: You can only assign tags relevant to your items. You may assign a maximum of 5 tags per post, including ‘used’.

Post Layout: Each post would have the following layout, and in the order listed.

    Additional item images (other than the featured image). Videos may also be added in this beginning section.
    Featured/Main Image, which can only be added from the ‘Featured Image’ section (on the right sidebar).

Note: We, the administrators, reserve the right to change any listing to conform to the look and functionality of the website.

Additional policy agreement
Posting negative comments about competing items is not allowed.
Having the best customer service when you reply to our readers, especially in the comments section of your post, is expected from our sellers.
You cannot provide false information regarding your listed item(s).
You may be added to a newsletter and/or contacted via WhatsApp from the administrator.
You, the seller, agree to hold harmless and its admin or volunteers from liability and claim for any damages (personal or business), loss of business, property damage, or any expense arising from the use of this website,

All sellers have to agree to and abide by the seller agreement above. If we notice a violation of any of the terms of this agreement, your seller status may be revoked. Upon the discretion of the Muslim Home Educators management team, you may be given a maximum of a couple of warnings before account removal. This agreement may change without prior notice. Please check this agreement from time to time to make sure you are in compliance to any new changes.

You may report seller agreement violations to