The Most Magnificent Thing

Ashley Spires takes the reader through the mind of a girl who loves to tinker and build things. As she works, readers witness her perseverance, frustration, and response to failure, but also a rebound. This book presents girls in engineering and shows that yes, girls can tinker and build too, and be good at it! Educators can read this book with young and older children alike, and adjust the discussions according to their level. Further extensions from this reading can possibly go into researching female engineers. Reading Level: ElementaryGenre: Fiction,…

Genre: Fiction, Picture Books
Subjects: Engineering, Growth Mindset
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King of the Wind: Story of the Godolphin Arabian

John Newberry MedalA wonderfully woven story of the first Arabian horse that was brought to Europe, thereby establishing a lineage of prized Arabian horses used in races to this day. This story is based on some true aspect of history pertaining to the gifting of an Arabian horse to a French king. Henry brings the reader from Morocco, through the desert all the way to France and eventually England. Sham, the Arabian horse that was gifted to the King Louis XIV was accompanied by his faithful caretaker and companion, Agba,…

Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction
Subjects: Equine, history
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A Faraway Island

Imagine yourself a child, and you are sent away to another country on your own, or with your younger sibling, who can get on your nerves sometimes, while your parents remain behind in the country where you were born and raised. You are told that it would only be 6 months before you are reunited with your parents, and you put all your hopes into a future together, in America, escaping growing persecution of the Nazis in annexed Austria. Thor really threw one event after another to her character, which…

Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction
Subjects: Europe, Jews, Nazi occupation, Sweden, World War II
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Mieko and the Fifth Treasure

Written by the author of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, this book features Mieko, a young budding calligrapher whose hand was injured in the bombing of Nagasaki. As she struggles physically without the full use of her hand for daily things, she also struggles emotionally without the use of her fully functioning artistic hand. Coerr takes us on a journey of finding the fifth treasure in Mieko’s heart as she learns to reconcile her reality and expectations. This book is a good accompaniment in the study of history pertaining…

Genre: Fiction
Subjects: atomic bomb, Japan
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