The Green Glass Sea

Judy Lopez Memorial AwardNew Mexico Book Award for Best Young Adult BookScott O’Dell AwardDewey Kerrigan is the daughter of a scientist who works with the government during the World War II years. From St. Louis, Dewey was put on a train to Lamy, New Mexico, to next be transported to the ‘Hill’ where her father was. Working for the government, her father is one of the scientists involved in the top secret project that should win the war. Having such a close relationship with her Papa, Dewey is happy in…

Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction
Subjects: atomic bomb, Los Alamos, New Mexico, World War II
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Mieko and the Fifth Treasure

Written by the author of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, this book features Mieko, a young budding calligrapher whose hand was injured in the bombing of Nagasaki. As she struggles physically without the full use of her hand for daily things, she also struggles emotionally without the use of her fully functioning artistic hand. Coerr takes us on a journey of finding the fifth treasure in Mieko’s heart as she learns to reconcile her reality and expectations. This book is a good accompaniment in the study of history pertaining…

Genre: Fiction
Subjects: atomic bomb, Japan
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