Homeschooling the High School Years

By Juli Herman

Juli Herman has technically been a homeschooling mother of four for the past 20 years. InshaaAllah, in Fall of 2018, she will have three children in college, all recipients of merit scholarships and grant. Their accomplishments by high school graduation include graduation from Al Huda Institute and Bayyinah Dream programs, writing on MuslimMatters, and hifdh and ijaazah. As for the youngest, she is letting him forge his own path while she assumes a mentor role. Juli has been blogging her homeschooling journey on her blog ‘Days of Our Lives’ since her older children were kindergarten age. She has also written articles on family and education for SISTERS Magazine.

Resources Mentioned

MAP Test

Webinar on Skipping Middle School is archived. Have to get paid membership to access
Scholarship Plaza by Sr Maryam Funmilayo and Muftah Lawal
Kathe Lee (Academic Advisor for high schoolers)
Navigating the World of High School Transcripts
Crowfly Subscription
Scholarships for College
Is College Worth It? by William J. Bennett & David Wilezol
College Planning Using Dual Enrollment by Kathe Lee
Senior High : A Home Designed Form+U+La by Barbara Edtl Shelton