Once Upon a Time: The Magical Power of Reading-Aloud

I remember the sun beating down upon our moist heads as we were ushered in from another scorching recess. We walked into the  chilled portables as we slogged in lazily  and melted upon our desks. Mrs. Schwemer, without any deliberation would soothingly begin reading from our read-aloud. With our eyes closed, heads rested upon the […]

A Meeting of the Minds

“In later days, the Prophet (SAW) told his Companions that there was no Prophet who had ever lived on this earth, who had not worked as a shepherd,”  I read emphatically from the Goodwords Seerah book. “Mama!” My daughter squealed excitedly, “Even Prophet Musa Alayhisalaam?!” My daughter is absolutely obsessed with the life of Prophet […]