When You Hear Noise From the Trunk

Recently, I came across a post consisting of an image by Gottman Institute that spoke volumes to me, especially since I have been feeling overwhelmed for the past few weeks. It says, “It’s ok to not do it all.” I felt like someone said what I needed to hear, and what I needed to read […]

Once Upon a Time: The Magical Power of Reading-Aloud

I remember the sun beating down upon our moist heads as we were ushered in from another scorching recess. We walked into the  chilled portables as we slogged in lazily  and melted upon our desks. Mrs. Schwemer, without any deliberation would soothingly begin reading from our read-aloud. With our eyes closed, heads rested upon the […]

Tips on Homeschooling During Ramadan

Ramadan is an exciting time for Muslims all over the world but, as homeschool mothers, we can often find it exhausting. We are busy running around after the children, preparing and teaching lessons and doing the household chores on top of fasting. Some may wonder how they will be able to cope! Others may find […]

3 Key Ingredients to Homeschooling a Young Child: Play

Part 1 “I am struck by the fact that the more slowly trees grow at first, the sounder they are at the core, and I think that the same is true of human beings. We do not wish to see children precocious, making great strides in their early years like sprouts, producing a soft and […]

3 Key Ingredients to Homeschooling a Young Child: Environment

Part 2 Environment The right environment can give so much to a developing child. Young children are like sponges and will absorb everything around them (Montessori, n.d.). It is also the age when they are refining their senses which then builds their brain architecture. Have you ever seen a young child explore something? They will […]

A Meeting of the Minds

“In later days, the Prophet (SAW) told his Companions that there was no Prophet who had ever lived on this earth, who had not worked as a shepherd,”  I read emphatically from the Goodwords Seerah book. “Mama!” My daughter squealed excitedly, “Even Prophet Musa Alayhisalaam?!” My daughter is absolutely obsessed with the life of Prophet […]

One Watermelon Seed

  We read this book, One Watermelon Seed by Celia Lottridge and I thought it would be a great lesson in skip counting by 10s. On top of that I thought it would be a great lesson in reinforcing the Arabic numerals too. I had the girls help me draw the fruits and produce and […]

Leaves, Roots, Flowers, and Fruits

I got a new stack of books for Z from the library last week. One of them is Leaves, Leaves, Leaves. As usual, I read him the book, and he was attentive and quiet. Reminds me of the days when he didn’t have that much of an attention span. And as usual, he didn’t say […]

Zulhijjah and Eid Al Adha

Pre-Activity: I’m rushing, trying to find something for Zulhijjah, and Hajj in terms of discussion, activities for the kids, all of them. I started with Z because I know Umm Nu’man has stuff on Hajj mashaAllah. I printed the Hajj theme pack, Hajj Story Board/Game, Hajj Game, and Hajj Addition and Subtraction Activity. While I […]