3 Key Ingredients to Homeschooling a Young Child: Environment

Part 2 Environment The right environment can give so much to a developing child. Young children are like sponges and will absorb everything around them (Montessori, n.d.). It is also the age when they are refining their senses which then builds their brain architecture. Have you ever seen a young child explore something? They will […]

Mining A Diamond : Part 1

Don’t Call Me Shy “I am really considering homeschooling her!” I announced to my sister. “I have tried every other option, and nothing has given such satisfying results as homeschooling her these past six months. She has blossomed, I can tell she feels whole, accepted and she seems much happier,” I said persistently with determination […]

Interest or Project Based Approach

You can homeschool without using a curriculum if you wish. One of the ways you can do so is through an interest or project based approach where you involve the students in planning your school year. This approach takes into full consideration the interests of your child. This particular method is best for elementary to […]