Homeschool Planning: Skipping Middle School

If your child is starting middle school, it is recommended that you incorporate ‘skipping middle school’ in your homeschool planning with your child. I did this recently with my 11-year old. He knows his weak areas and he knows his strong areas. I had told him that we would have a meeting and discuss his […]

Don’t Study Hard, Study Smart

I personally do not prefer listening to audiobooks as I feel that I can go through the book faster by reading than listening to it. However, during one mindless browsing on Hoopla, I stumbled upon the audiobook Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner. It was a great stumble, for I latched on to it with increasing […]

I Want to Read Only One

I’ve been blog-hopping recently, in an effort to look for ready-to-go Islamic Studies/Quran lesson plans/activities for Z. I’m at a point where I no longer have the time nor energy to brainstorm creative ideas for activities with him like I did with the older kids when they were this age. So I succumbed and have […]