Rethinking School: How To Take Charge of Your Child’s Education

Bauer lays out the educational system as it is, then the mismatches in the system, such as age-based categorization in schools, learning differences, and giftedness. Then she suggests ways parents can navigate the system in terms of tests, homework, acceleration, and customization. Naturally, she also talks about rethinking the system and opting out. For those who are looking to homeschool, Bauer provides a good laid out ‘table of content’ type of considerations such as homeschooling styles, how to investigate, getting started in five steps, out-of-the-box-teaching strategies and radical alternatives, which I would say is a pretty comprehensive beginner’s guide. For those who want to stick with the system, she provides ways to navigate the system.

Genre: Education, Homeschooling, Non-Fiction
Subjects: education system, Homeschooling

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