How We Learn

A must-have book for educators and students! Carey expounds on how we learn, in the language of cognitive scientists and psychologists. The tips and information are very pertinent, especially so because the ideal image of studying as most people know it are challenged in this book. For example, Carey shows through findings in scientific research that forgetting is crucial to learning. He also talks about breaking ‘good’ study habits such as studying in the same place each time, in a quiet area. Research has shown instead that changing the places where you study actually enhances learning and is a better study practice. The book is divided into four parts; Basic Theory, Retention, Problem Solving, and Tapping the Subconscious. By the time you finish reading this book, you will have a set of study tips and even a bonus applicable tip for hifdh!

Genre: Cognitive Science, Education, Non-Fiction, Psychology, Teaching
Subjects: Cognitive Science, Learning, Neuroscience

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