From disciplining toddlers to teens, Grandma Jeddah shares her wise advice and tips for Muslim parents in her e-book Discipline Without Disrespecting. A mother of 11 children, grandmother of 13, and over 30 years of teaching in Al Madinah School in Los Angeles, Grandma Jeddah has years of experience with children. In this e-book, she has compiled parenting tips and advice from the Quran and Sunnah and also various parenting books, as well as advice with regards to special needs children. Grandma Jeddah includes this troubleshooting chapter, which moves beyond just dishing out parenting techniques. Just right after this chapter, she also includes a chapter on handling stress for parents. This is an e-book which is available on Grandma Jeddah’s ebookstore.

Genre: Parenting, Psychology

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