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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
I attended that conference. For me, it was a great inflection point as the mathematicians call it. It opened my eyes on many details in my daily life. The sisters Noor, Zeba, aleena, Juli, Sabana, and many others were their to serve our home educators community; and they really did. They were well organized and very generous regarding sharing every single info that can help each parent even if he/ she’s not homeschooling his/her kids, ma shaa LLAH.

I think that their work helped me organize more my way of thinking, my homeschooling philosophy, and even my way of life. Beside all the morals, they shared with us many concrete facts from their own lives. I really appreciated that. The sisters shed light on several healthy educational habits. They defined homeschooling as a learning journey for both the parents and the kids. And I loved that. That makes homeschooling my kids much easier for me. They emphasised on the fact of relating our homeschooling to our relationship with ALLAH. and honestly, this is what all life is about. To attain this goal, our sisters talked about many facts. I recall some of them here:
learning is a lifestyle.
Sustaining good relationship with our kids.
Healthy environment at home.
Setting up discipline at home.
The powerful way to teach language arts to raise competent communicators and thinkers.
The way to acquire divergent thinkers.
Skipping middle school.
Preparing your kid for high school.
Preparing your kid for college/university.

Well, I will never thank those ladies enough for their valuable input to our Muslim home educators community.
جزاكن الله خير الجزاء.
– Sister Loubna Chmiti



Texas Laws and Requirements
Video Presentation
Building a Strong Foundation
Noor Sayed
Styles of Homeschooling
The 4 Arts of Language Arts
Alina Jaffery
Skills to Pay the Bills
Zeba Khan
Homeschooling the High School Years
Juli Herman



Juli Herman
Juli Herman has technically been a homeschooling mother of four for the past 20 years. InshaaAllah, in Fall of 2018, she will have three children in college, all recipients of merit scholarships and grant. Their  accomplishments by high school graduation include graduation from Al Huda Institute and Bayyinah Dream programs, writing on MuslimMatters, and hifdh and ijaazah. As for the youngest, she is letting him forge his own path while she assumes a mentor role. Juli has been blogging her homeschooling journey on her blog ‘Days of Our Lives’ since her older children were kindergarten age. She has also written articles on family and education for SISTERS Magazine.

Noor Sayed
Noor is an Electronics Engineer turned Homeschool Mom of two boys. She is enjoying every moment of her role as a stay-at-home mother/home educator for the past 6 years. She firmly believes in simplifying education and following the child. More of this can be found on her blog

Alina Jaffery
Having had a bitter taste of different educational systems growing up, Alina Jaffery came to the realization that for her children there must be a better option. Amongst her favorite pastimes is reading aloud to her kids, which has developed into a deep love of reading in her own trio. She believes in the holistic power of homeschooling not just to educate, but to strengthen the bonds of family. She is mother to three wonderful kids (ages 10, 7, and 4) and her goal is to nurture a love of lifetime learning, a profound respect for the gift of knowledge, and above all, to raise strong Muslims who live a life of which their Rubb is pleased with.

Maryam Funmilayo
Maryam F cautiously delved and finally dived into the homeschool profession in September 2009, when her youngest child was 3 months old. She is a full-time home maker around the clock, a community health and nutrition educator by qualification, a writer and poet by heart, and a Muslimah by soul. She owns the online scholarship consulting firm Scholarship Plaza,,which was greatly inspired by her staunch advocacy for a debt-free college education.

Zeba Khan
An autodidact and divergent thinker who was herself partially homeschooled, Zeba Khan approaches the education of her three children with out-of-the-box thinking. She believes that education is not only academic, but also functional, logical, and applicable. Beyond books and worksheets, Zeba enjoys teaching “soft” skills like critical thinking, public speaking, and social skills for life  beyond class.